2001-2004 and again 2017-2019 I’ve participated in a yearly contest called RoboCup at DTU

It started when a friend and I spectated a previous contest, where we said to each other: “How hard can this be?!?”.
I guess we more or less followed the same “track of realization” as most teams participating at RoboCup. One of our “opponents” expressed it something like this:

T minus 1 year:We will take all points, faster than everybody else.
T minus 6 months:We will take all points.
T minus 2 months:We will take most points.
T minus 1 months:We will take the easy route.
T minus 1 week:If we can complete half the easy route, it’s a success.
T minus 1 day:If we can get through the first port, it’s a success.
T minus 1 hour:If we can just get it to drive…
RoboCup Ambition Guide

When theory meets real life, quite a few things gets complicated.



KlodsHans, 2001–2004

KlodsHans v2

KlodsHans v2, 2017


RoadRunner, 2018–2019